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The folks at American Lighting listen to us, which is huge. They understand the regulations we have to follow, and they know what we need. They’ve helped me convert a lot of our fixtures to LED, and helped us reduce the number of fixtures we need.

Everyone there is always willing to help us out. We’ll call them with ideas we’re interested in implementing, or problems we need solving, because we know they’ll give us great advice and feedback. And whenever I have an emergency need, like a bulb burns-out before a big game, my rep will put it in the car and drop it off that day. That’s the kind of service you just can’t find everywhere.
—Jeremy Mitchell, Chief of Operations
Saint Clair County Board of Education

I have 1600 fixtures in 19 buildings to manage. If it wasn’t for my guy at American Lighting, I’d have to spend a lot more of my time managing them. With his knowledge and expertise, I don’t have to worry that we aren’t complying with regulations — whether it’s in the sanctuaries, the parking lots or the kitchens. He’s always looking for ways to save us time and money. And whenever I call him for something, the answer is always “Yes.”
—Dave Stedman

The first thing that sets American Lighting apart is their product expertise and knowledge. There are times when I don’t even know what I have on my hands. I can call them and describe it, or I can send them a snapshot, and they’ll know what it is. Then they’ll help me solve whatever problem I’m having.

With all of the new technology, it’s good to have them dropping-by regularly to look at what we’re doing — just in case they can recommend something new and better.
—Steve Armstrong
Chief Engineer, Hertz Investment (Wells Fargo Tower)