We’ve served countless customers who’ve been surprised by just how much there is to know in our business. Below are just a few of the insights we’ve brought to our working relationships over the years.

Knowledge of regulations and acceptable minimums is critical.

There is a legally-required minimum foot-candle rating for school environments that can impact the validity of students’ standardized test scores.

The commonly-accepted minimum rating for parking lots (1 ½ foot-candles) is unlikely to protect you from litigation, in the event of night-time theft or violence on your property. Which is why we typically recommend double that minimum in most cases, and up to 5 foot-candles in high security areas.

Safety coating is required in commercial cooking environments.

A lot of the hotels we’ve served (and other businesses with foodservice operations) were not aware of that rule. Until we told them. We understand, for instance, how important QA is for maintaining a hotel brand license.

Not all energy analyses are created equal.

Nobody works harder to offer you accurate assessments of your lighting needs (in kilowatt hours), and we use custom software to ensure the most reliable results possible.